Top Gaming Headsets – A Review Of The Call of Duty: Black Ops 5.1 Dolby Gaming Headset

Hello fellow gamers! For today’s Top Gaming Headset I will be reviewing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Dolby true 5.1 gaming headset by Tritton. First off guys, this headset is the real deal! This is a truly pro-grade gaming headset in my opinion,with amazing feature’s and a price tag to go with it.If you have the money,it is a sweet deal;and this unit will truly give you some advantage.why?

Let’s look at some of the features:

*Individual backlit volume controls allow you the luxury of fine-tuning each channel individually for the front, rear, center, and subwoofer. And no more fumbling for a volume control or mute button during game-play (my primary peeve about Turtle Beach’s X41 headset) with the lighted controls!

*True 5.1 3D Directional Audio with no Emulation 8 Precision speakers with adjustable volume for all 4 channels (this means you hear them before they hear you).

*Includes a very handy,very rugged limited edition Black Ops carrying case made of durable rubber/plastic,also comes with thick braided cables and gold-plated connector’s. Carry your top gaming headset anywhere you want,and keep it safe!

*Independent controls for chat and game volume on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network/Backlit In-Line audio controller with 12ft breakaway cable to help prevent accidents.

*Detachable microphone with flexible stem and mute,individual audio channel control’s,and a digital optical output.

*Crystal- clear sound,the 8 precision speakers create an amazing 3-D environment.

*Appearance- This is one of the nicest looking headsets a gamer could own, Black Matte finish featuring the Black Ops logo.

*Platforms- PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.

Now let’s look at the “negatives”:

*Pricey-At over $200, these are a little expensive for most of us.If you need to save a little money the Tritton AX Pro 51’s are a little more affordable,although NOT as durable.

*For the money (in my opinion) this unit should have included 2 Toslink ports.

Summary:The Call of Duty: Black Ops 5.1 Dolby Gaming Headset is one of the finest Top Gaming Headsets on the market, and it get’s a solid 4 1/2 stars from this gamer.

This is an amazingly beautiful sounding headset, extremely durable, and minimal wires for the sound quality.

Just a little pricey or otherwise a 5 star headset!

By Victor Moore