Red Wii Console – What Makes It Different?

If you are searching for a game console with some new advanced features and a chic model, Red Wii Console could be one of your choices. I would like to review this product, from its features, what you also get if you buy it and what kind of games included in its package.

Nintendo released the new Red Wii Console to honor the 25th birthday of Super Mario Bros a month ago. This console is a limited edition and comes with candy red apple color. Nintendo may only produce this special edition console just for limited time.

What makes Red Wii Console different?

This Wii Hardware Bundle Red is not only special because of its color that many children like or because of two special games that are perfect games on the holiday season for the whole family, but also because it offers more advanced various features such as some new controls, streaming of Netflix movies, and many other features which I explain on the next paragraph of my article.

What are the features of this console?

  1. Intuitive Controls. It connected up to four standard Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus by using Bluetooth. Besides, you can use the remote as a pointer about 5 meters from the screen.
  2. Two Special Games. These games are such as Wii Sports Game and New Super Mario Bros Wi.i
  3. Wii Channels. By using this channel, you can enjoy more interactive-multimedia, communication function and entertainment as well.
  4. Ports and Memory Expansion. This red console provides 512 MB of internal memory, two USB 2.0 ports and built-in wired and wireless broadband Internet capability as well.
  5. A Limited edition red Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk and Wii console hardware as well.
  6. Parentals Controls. This control is very good for the parents to control, for example, access to several channels and sending or receiving the messages.
  7. True Streaming of Netflix Movies. It enables you to stream films by using your Wii.

What will you get if you buy Red Wii Console?

1. Red Nintendo Wii game console

2. Red Wii Remote Plus controller

3. Red Nunchuk controller

4. Wired sensor bar

5. Power cord

6. Standard composite cable

7. Console stand

8. Console manual

Although, Nintendo came before with Wii Consoles in white and black, the Red Wii Console will be a special console. With its red color, more high-developed features and more games, Red Wii Bundle has the same price, compared to the other colors. It is great, isn’t it? Furthermore, by purchasing a bundle package, you can spend your money than buying them separately.

In summary, it is recommended to have Red Wii Console if you really want to have an amazing console game, with a chic color, a lot of advanced functions, special games and with a competitive price.

By Jenny Lange