KDL22BX320 Sony Bravia’s NEW Compact 22" Inch HD TV New for 2011

Sony will launch this new 22 inch high definition in February 2011. This is a brand new addition to Sony Bravias line of HDTV and it is in a new size which is the compact 22 inch which is perfect for the smaller rooms or offices in your home.

The KDL22BX30 is a welcome addition to the market which is dominated by the really big screens and now you can have a compact HDTV in your kitchen or office and due to its compact size it will literally fin in anywhere.

The 22BX320 features a 720dpi picture which offers superb picture quality and you also have picture and sound controls to a just according you your viewing preferences. It has 5 HD inputs which will allow you to connect all your additions such as Blu Ray Players and Game consoles and the fact that it has 5 inputs is a nice feature and most find it enough to connect all their additional devices.

Some of the KDL22BX320’s features are

A HD Television in a nice Compact Size

Finally you can purchase a top of the line flat screen television without having to break the bank to do it; this is the perfect solution for a Kitchen, college dorm room or office. The Bx320 series HDTV will deliver an amazing picture quality and will allow you to share photos and listen to music by using the USB input.

Scene Select for the KDL22BX320

This feature is really cool, the 22BX320 will allow you to manage your settings with what they call scene select and what this does is allows you to choose from 5 different packages each configured to specific picture and audio settings based on what you are about to watch. What this means is the KDL22BX320 will adjust its setting depending is you are watching a sports game, photo’s, playing a PlayStation game such as the newly released Duke Nukeem Forever game or if you are going to watch the latest blockbuster the 22BX320 has a separate setting to ensure you get the very best picture quality and sound based on what you are watching.

Light Sensor Technology

What is light sensor technology? Well it is when your Sony Bravia KDL22BX320 is so smart that it can actually adjust the television depending on the lighting around you. For example if you decide to turn the lights out and watch a movie the KDL22BX320 will adjust the television set accordingly to not only save power but to also provide you with the very best picture quality possible.

Brava Sync Compatible

What this means is basically the KDL22BX320 being part of the Bravia series of televisions is completely compatible with all other Bravia products such as Blu Ray Players, Surround sound systems, camcorders and Cybershots and best of all you can control all this with just one remote controls. Now that’s cool.

Slim, Sexy and Energy Efficient

This Television is SLIM and Sexy, it’s attractive looking and would look just as good whether on a stand on a desk or hanging on the wall. The KDL22BX320 is also very energy efficient and has such features like a power consumption on off mode switch and also a back light Off Mode switch which all help you to conserve energy while saving you money.

Overall past customers of the Bravia series welcome the arrival of the KDL22BX320 22 inch Flat Screen as a welcome addition to Sony Bravia family of televisions not only wont it break the bank but now you have a perfect television for the smaller rooms in your home.

The KDL22BX320 is scheduled for release to the public in February 2011 for complete up to date information and a first look please visit www.KDL22BX320.com

By Gaz Cooper