Do You Sudoku? New Masochistic Sudoku Pocket PC Puzzle Downloads

The Sudoku Pocket PC puzzle game is a bit of an about-face.

That’s if, of course, you’re more into rapid swapping puzzle game gems in Bejeweled 2 than applying some ridiculously rigorous and intensely complex logical strategems.

The Sudoku Pocket PC version starts you off with a 9×9 grid, interspaced seemingly at random with numbers and blank squares.

The grid is further divided into nine 3 x 3 squares.

The task is to figure out which number, from 1 through 9, belongs in each empty square.

Just as long as each number placed is unique to its row, column, and 3 x 3 sub-region, everything is copasetic.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

Throw in the fact that each row and column must end up containing the numbers 1 through 9 and you have a sick, torturous numerological puzzle that you would never inflict on your young ones.

Fascinatingly, Sudoku mania is on the rise as an increasingly sought-after download with a cross-platform appeal. The Sudoku Pocket PC edition isn’t the sole handheld version.

This recent puzzle fad has already been ported to the Sony PSP and mobile phone, as reported in Stuart Miles’ recent article on

The Sony PSP, interestingly enough, features online multiplayer for its version, titled the Go! Sudoku puzzle game.

This gaming console was intended to appeal to a slightly older adult audience with its additional music and video capabilities, so this release wasn’t a huge surprise considering its demographic.

Sudoku Pocket PC versions aren’t exactly targeting our younger crowd, either, unless showing off mathematical prowess suddenly becomes popular amongst the kiddie peer groups.

Jobro Software seems to be well aware of this, having just contributed to existing Sudoku puzzle frenzy with a new Windoku Windows and Sudoku Pocket PC bundle.

It’s not exactly a PDA puzzle game that you can pass to the kids in a bid for a moment’s peace.

If anything, this will likely provoke them more.

Sudoku makes no pretense at being easy. It’s difficult and takes no small measure of patience and logic to solve each puzzle.

Jobro Software’s release also occurs suspiciously close to the Spiral Mile Sudoku Pocket PC download a few days earlier. The latter boasts of VGA support with visual cues for easier gameplay.

Colemanik has recently posted an update to the popular Sudoku – Puzzle Pack 1.5. The new update boasts of sped-up puzzle selection and ease of puzzle selection.

So if you’re a Sudoku aficionado, you’re in luck.

We’re in jeopardy of being crushed under the sheer, virtural weight of these concurrent puzzle releases for our PDAs.


By Damian Julien