Parts of the Wii-U

The Wii console from Nintendo really revolutionized the way we look at video games. Instead of sitting on the couch moving your thumbs you actually have to get up and move your whole body.

Since the Wii came out Nintendo has worked hard to make a new console to take their unique gaming experience to another level. After a few years of development Nintendo came out with the Wii U. The Wii U is a big improvement from the original Wii and millions of people around the world have jumped on the opportunity to buy a Wii U.

What does this console include? Let’s take a look at the different parts of the Wii U and how they all go together.

1. Obviously the main part of the Wii U is the console. One of the best qualities of the Wii U is that it plays games in HD at 1080p. This is huge since the original Wii didn’t support HD formats. The console is the main point of the Wii U of which you connect all the power chords, HDMI cable, USB chargers and what you will sync the controllers to. Overall the Wii U is about 50% more powerful than any of the gaming systems currently out. Unfortunately that might change once the PlayStation 4 and the X-Box One come out into the market.

2. The second biggest part of this system is the game pad. This is essentially the controller for the Wii-U. It has analog sticks, controlling buttons and most importantly it has a touch screen on it. The touch screen is used in a lot of the games and is a big part of interacting with whats happening on the TV. This game pad is the most high-tech controller on the market at this point and is a cool feature of the Wii U.

3. A key part of the Wii U is the sensor. It is much like the sensor from the original Wii and is essentially what picks up the movement of the game pad and allows you to play the games.

4. The last part of the Wii U is what holds it together. Most of what the Wii U uses to hold all its parts together is a tri wing screw and threads in the plastic of all the different parts. Nintendo uses tri wings for almost all of their products and this system is no exception. With out the screws you the console would fall apart rendering it useless.

That wraps up what parts make up the Wii U. When you put them all together you get a pretty cool video game console.

By Taylor Tyger