SWTOR Scavenging Leveling Guide – How To Level This Gathering Skill To 400

In this article we are looking at the Scavenging gathering skill and how you can level this up as well as make some credits from the Galactic Trade Network. Again, as with all of the gathering crew skills in SWTOR there are two ways that you can level them up.

The first is to level up the skill while you are heading from planet to planet doing your missions. If you are completing missions anyway this is the best way of leveling the skills simply because it will not cost you any credits.

However if you are already at a certain level and halfway through the game and you have just picked up a skill then you may not want to have to head back to the starting planets. If this is the case you can send out your companion and other crew members on Scavenging missions and they will deliver the rewards to you.

The only downside of this is that it will cost a lot of credits but you will get materials back that you can sell on the Galactic Trade Network for profits.

Here is a quick run through of how you can level the Scavenging skill using the crew skill missions:

Scavenging Levels 1-100

You can get to level 100 fairly easily through the crew skills missions and all you need to do is send out your crew members for each quest. You will get in return mostly Grade 1 materials at this point.

These materials include:





These materials you can then sell on the GTN (Galactic Trade Network) and you will find that Silica and Desh sell very well but at this stage you will not make a fortune!

To complete the missions and get to level 100 in Scavenging you will need about 15,000 credits.

Scavenging Levels 100-200

Same plan for levels 100-200 simply send out your crew members on missions. You will notice that the mission costs go up and you will need about 25,000 credits to get this skill up to 200. The good news is that the materials you get will be Grade 2 and these will sell for more credits.

The materials that you will be rewarded at this stage will be:





You may also be lucky enough to get some grade 3 scavenging items at this point which are:



Scavenging Levels 200-300

When you are sending out your crew members for missions now you will see that the time it takes to complete each mission is a lot longer than previous levels. You will also need about 50,000 credits if you are going to level all the way to 300 using the crew skill missions.

Again the materials that you get back will be better quality and this time you can expect to collect:





The items above are Grade 4 Scavenging materials and at this stage you may also get some Grade 5 materials which are:



Amorphous Carbonite


Scavenging Levels 300-400

You are nearly there! All you need now is 75,000 credits if you want to level to 400 at this point. You will also notice that the time it takes to level up this crew skill is about 30 mins a mission so it really does take a long time.

Remember though that the time will run even when you are logged out of the game so you can send your companion away on a mission and log out then you will be able to collect the materials next time you log in.

You will get mostly Grade 5 items as the list shows above but you will also get top level grade 6 Scavenging items at this point which are:

Zal Alloy


These materials are Grade 6 and for best results you can pop over to the GTN and sell these for big profits. Just make sure that the marketplace is not too crowded when you list your items.

So there you have it!

You will now be level 400 in Scavenging!

Leveling Scavenging From The Planets

If you don’t want to have to spend all of these credits and want to level Scavenging through actually going to the planets and gathering the items I will give you a run through of where you should be for each level:

Scavenging By Gathering – Levels 1-75

You should head over to Dromund Kaas if you are Empire or Coruscant if you are Republic to level this skill up to 75. All you need to do is make sure you have the resource tab clicked on the map and you will see plenty of nodes here!

You can actually get to level 100 if you want to from these two planets.

Scavenging By Gathering – Levels 75 -175

Now you should head over to Taris to get up to 125. The only reason you are doing this is because the nodes seem to be that little bit higher in level and you will find it easier to level than staying on the starting planets.

You will normally find that you run out of nodes on Taris or they get too low a level to be of any use and when this happens you should head over to Nar Shaddaa. You will then be able to get to level 175 with ease and all you need to do is run laps around the Red Light District where you do your first few missions and that should level you up fast.

Scavenging By Gathering – Levels 175 -250

Next up you need to head over to Tattooine – now again you can turn on the Resource tab on your map but one thing you will notice about this planet is the size of it! In short if you want to gather nodes here for Scavenging then you need to make sure you have a speeder.

If you don’t then I recommend that you try and level up to 250 using your mission skills as in the guide above.

Scavenging By Gathering – Levels 250-300

Now to get to 300 you need to head over to Balmorra and things are not too tricky here just more of the same. You should aim to level up to 300 here and then you can complete the last 100 levels. If you have a speeder then it will not take you very long to level up to 300 on Balmorra.

Scavenging By Gathering – Levels 300-400

You are nearly there!

Depending on the side you are playing you will need to head over to Corellia or Ilum. Now these are level 50 planets and because of that the mobs that you find here will be fairly tough. Another annoying aspect is that they always seem to be around the nodes that you are trying to get too!

Nonetheless you should quickly dispatch them at this point and gather the resources. You can also do a little bit of gathering and some missions where you send your crew members out to speed this up.

Once you have got to 400 you have done it!

Congratulations you have now maxed out the scavenging crew skill!

By Dan Fullman