SWTOR Bioanalysis Leveling Guide – How To Get This SWTOR Gathering Skill To The Level Cap!

In this post we are going to run through how you can level the Bioanalysis skill from 1 to 400 and basically with all of these gathering skills there are 2 different ways to level them up. The conventional way like the gathering skills on other games such as World of Warcraft is to run around the game universe and “gather” the materials that you need.

This is actually the best way and as long as you know which planet you should be on at each level it is the cheapest way in terms of credits that you will spend.

However there is another way to level Bioanalysis and that is to send your companions out on missions to collect the materials. Obviously both have pros and cons and the cool thing is that using the mission route and sending your companion out to gather the materials for you works really well if you pick up the Bioanalysis skill later in the game.

That way you don’t have to keep on going back and forth between planets.

So as long as you have enough credits you can use the mission method to level this skill. Be warned however it will cost about 15,000 credits to level this skill to 100 using this method.

Then between levels 100 – 200 you are looking at about 25,000 credits needed as the cost of the missions gets more expensive.

Bioanalysis from levels 200-300 will cost a whopping 50,000 credits!

Lastly to max out the skill and get to level cap you will find that levels 300-400 cost about 75,000 credits.

This is of course if you levelled the ENTIRE skill just through the missions and sending your companion away to collect the materials and of course you would be able to make some of that money back by putting the materials that you gathered on the Galactic Trade Network.

However if you are starting the game and looking to level Bioanalysis then I thought I would put together a complete leveling guide for you telling you where you should be gathering at each level.

Bioanalysis Leveling Guide From 1-400:

Bioanalysis Levels From 1-90

When you start leveling this skill you should head to Dromund Kaas if you are Empire or Coruscant if you are Republic.

All you need to do is turn on the Resource tab on the map and you will see loads of places to farm for Bioanalysis here.

You will find plenty of places to farm here and it is simply a case of running around and collecting the bioanalysis from the nodes. You can also level up to 90 here quite easily as normally you will be doing your quest missions as well and you will find that the nodes go up in level as you come to the end of the missions on this planet.

Bioanalysis Levels 75-140

Next you will want to head over to Taris. Do the same think as you did on Dromund Kaas or Coruscant above and make sure you have the map set to locate resources. Although there is nowhere as many nodes on Taris if you stay near the starting zones of the planet you will be able to level up to 140 quite easily.

Again the beauty of SWTOR is that you have the crew skills missions that you can send your companion out on and this means if you are having real trouble locating the nodes you can give this skill a boost by doing this.

Bioanalysis Levels 140-175

If you need a little boost and are having a hard time gathering on Taris then head out to Nar Shaddaa and you will be able to get to 175 pretty easy. Just head to the Red Light District area and you will find plenty of nodes to farm there.

Bioanalysis Levels 175-250

Next up you should head over to Tatooine and you will be able to find plenty of nodes to farm, however this is for a reason. Tatooine is very good for Bioanalysis as it will not be that crowded but all of the nodes are really spread out!

So make sure you have a speeder or if you don’t it is best to level this section using the mission skills and sending your companion out again!

Bioanalysis Levels 250-350

Here you have a choice depending on which faction you play. You need to head to either Hoth, Balsavis, Quesh or Voss. The main thing to remember with these planets is that for Bioanalysis the resources are fairly sparse however if you are questing you will be able to level up here in time.

If you are going JUST to farm than I suggest you check out Hoth first or again use the Crew Skill missions for this skill to speed things up as long as you have the credits.

Bioanalysis Levels 350-400

For the last leg of your quest to max out the Bioanalysis Crew Skill you will head to either Ilum or Corellia and same thing here as the rest of the planets that you have been too! Switch on the resource option on your map and start gathering.

Again you may want to use the mission skills to speed this up and get to the level cap faster.

Well done you have just maxed out Bioanalysis!

By Dan Fullman