Maplestory Guide – Jr Balrog (Low Level)

The Jr. Balrog. Once the lord of the Sleepywood Dungeon and the bane of beta players, is not nearly the dangerous foe he once was. However for those of you under level 50 (who also dont have several billions in funding…) he may still pose a problem.

As previously mentioned, this guide is aimed specifically towards those of you on the lower end of the leveling spectrum.

The first, and by far the most difficult (and frustrating!) part will be finding one. The Jr. Balrog resides at the very bottom of the dungeon in the Cursed Sanctuary and spawns once every 6 hours..

First of all, let’s look at what the Balrog is capable of. It has two ranged attacks both dealing around about 2,600 and a touch damage of about 1,700. Hardly a complex opponent, but oh well. Finally, it has 50,000HP

Before I get onto the strategy I should probably mention, this is only for ranged classes. If you’re melee, you’ve only got one option, I’m sure you can guess.

OK! The strategy is simple, all you need to do is hit and run, luring the Jr. Balrog left and right. This is easily done due to the layout of the map.

First you jump down on the left side, and hit the Balrog to make it chase after you, then attack while jumping back/teleporting and finally retreat up the ladder. Head over to the right so that the Jr Balrog follows you. When you are at the top right part, wait for the Balrog to move past you, and jump down to the left. Attack and teleport/jump back once again until it dies. Archers, you’ll probably need some speed gear. The Jr. Balrog does have a hidden regeneration rate, so if your damage output is too low it may seem like it’s taking an eternity to beat, this is most likely why.

One more thing to note, for Rangers/Snipers, once the Balrog is chasing you, you can plant a puppet up and right from the ladder. The Balrog will just walk back and forth under it constantly.

By Adam Crase-Stevens