Do the Richest World of Warcraft Players Use Gold Farming Guides?

The question in many players’ minds is this: do the richest WoW players use gold farming guides?

The world of Azeroth is riddled with competition. I don’t mean the player competing against the elements of the environment like regular mobs, elite bosses and challenging quests. I’m talking about the competitive nature of the social aspect of the game. World of Warcraft gamers will always compare themselves with other players. They’ll revel at the fact that they are higher in level than the noobs of Goldshire. They’ll lose sleep in jealousy, envying the epic gears of those players who are fortunate enough to have been accepted in highly progressive guilds.

The most used function in this MMORPG is not the attack button. It’s the inspect button.

Hence, every player wants to get as much advantage as he can.

This includes the game’s most precious commodity: gold.

In the World of Warcraft, just like in certain sectors of the real world, a player’s worth is often gauged by how much gold he has in his pocket, or in his bank account as the case may be. This is the reason why every gold farming technique is considered as vital information for dedicated players.

This is also the reason why gold farming guides are very popular these days. Hence, the question in the first paragraph of this article.

Salbahe, a resto shaman from Aman’Thul, admits to having used gold farming guides as early as level 20. “Earning WoW gold was way too difficult back then,” he said. “Those Warcraft gold making guides helped me earn my mount money. They also helped fund my professions, as being a weaponsmith isn’t really an affordable vocation.”

Currently at level 70, Salbahe has more than 50,000 gold pieces in his account. Together with his alts, he has close to 200,000 gold pieces.

“Financially, I’m loaded for the newest expansion, the Wrath of the Lich King,” he concluded.

Yet, with 50,000 gold pieces, Salbahe isn’t considered as the richest World of Warcraft player there is. He isn’t even considered as one of the richest players in the game. Many WoW players earn just as much, thanks to the techniques shared by most of these gold farming guides.

Quite a number of WoW gamers have actually reached the gold cap of 214,748 gold 36 silver 47 copper per character.

One of the first gamers to accomplish such a feat – and in record time at that – is Brad Johnson. He has perfected gold accumulation tactics that most people have never even heard of.

In fact, Brad Johnson has become so legendary (maybe no Leeroy Jenkins legendary, but legendary nonetheless in his own right ) that he created his own gold farming guide, the Warcraft Millionaire. In some real time case studies, Brad Johnson showed how his techniques helped 2 relative newbies to the game earn almost 3,000 gold pieces in 7 days.

The Warcraft Millionaire is one of the hottest selling gold guides today.

By James Smartt