Mobile Phone Enriched With Technology – Samsung VSleek Mobile Phone

Here is the perfect reason for all the CDMA SIM card holders to rejoice – the new vSleek mobile phone from Samsung. Whether it is features or price, this is one mobile phone that will be a winner on both fronts. The vSleek gives you a hoard of features that are usually found in medium price range phones and at the same time fits comfortably into a low budget category.

Star Attraction

There are two things that will draw your attention to it in the first go. One, as the name suggests, is the slim and sleek built with an ultra light weight of 66gms and second, is the internet caliber that it posses. As the company itself advocates, this mobile brings you the country’s first ever Mobile Internet Web Browser, optimized to display all the websites on the mobile! It provides you with an internet speed of 153kbps and gives you easy connectivity on the go.

Music to My Ears

The Samsung vSleek not only provides you with an MP3 player to listen to your favorite songs but also with an FM radio to tune in to your favorite radio stations. Not just that, the number of radio stations that you can accommodate on your mobile will be far greater than the number of stations that actually are available! For the MP3 player, you can download a large number of songs on the external memory card through your PC.


The phone provides you with a decent memory in terms of phonebook and messages. However, if you still need a larger capacity, you always have the option of expanding the memory with a 1GB SD memory card and store all the music, pictures and videos that are close to your heart on your phone.

‘Steal me Not’

This is what your mobile should say. Thanks to the mobile tracker technology enabled in the phone, if you absent mindedly leave it somewhere or worst still, it gets stolen, you can always track it down and bring it back to where it belongs easily!

Eye Catchers

Some features that stand out from the regular ones and are sure to catch your eye are add ons like an Indian calendar with a national holidays and festivals plus a panchang that gives you the auspicious time for starting new things. Apart from that you also have an option of call reject where you can instruct your phone to automatically reject calls from up to ten unwanted numbers.

Safety and Privacy

There are two useful features provided in the vSleek that completely ensure your safety and privacy. One is of course the phone lock which will open only through a code known to you and the other one is an emergency SOS feature. In this option, you can select ten numbers of your choice and in case of an emergency, just by pressing the volume key four times; the phone will send emergency messages to these numbers. It will allow you to receive calls from these numbers later and thus protect you even in emergency mode.

‘Click me Pretty’

Amongst the plethora of features, the VGA camera is a not to be missed. It provides you with cool features like 4X digital zoom, video recording, single and divided shots, a self timer, and even a white balance adjustment. If you want to get creative with what you have clicked, you can use the photo decoration and fun frames option for all the joy you want!

Good Deal

Apart from all these exciting features, this samsung mobile phone also provides you the regular features that all the basic phones provide. However, for a price as low as it’s, the vSleek seems like the ultimate choice for all the CDMA users.

By Pooja Lapasia